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Ancient announces

Casts once for sale.

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Ancient announces

Casts once for sale.


Last year I received two wonderful plaster cast replicas replicas which I had commissioned Hans Effenbach of Dresden's Sachsen State Scultpure Collection to make for me so that I could study them in my studio in England. They are the Boxer of the Thermenmuseum and the Symplegma (Satyr and Hermaphrodite). The plan was always to make 'copies' (studies) by eye of them in clay as a learning process.

I finished studying them and have kept them in totally pristine condition (no clay dust, or finger marks or scratches) whilst doing so, even keeping Hans's original wrapping in extremely good condition. They have never been removed from their pallets.
At the moment they are in my barn in Shropshire.

P.S. Oxford and Cambridge bought them in 2013.