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Kongelige Afstøbningssamling København

(Royal Cast Collection of Copenhague)

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Category : Archaeology, Architecture
Civilizations : Greece, Roman time, Middel Age, Renaissance, Modern time
Access : Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mondays closed.Closed for public holidays: 5 June, 24, 25, 31 December 2006 and 1 January 2007.Open: 16 October.
Description : World Art - cast in plaster Plaster casts of statues and reliefs from collections, museums, temples, churches, and public places throughout the world meet in Vestindisk Pakhus in Toldbodgade, near the Royal Palace of Amalienborg.

Here, you will find casts of sculptures from antiquity through to the Renaissance: Egyptian Kings and mythical beasts, Greek gods and human beings, Roman Emperors and scenes of battle and sacrifice. You will also find Christian imagery from medieval Romanesque/Norman and Gothic cathedrals. And the revival of the ideals of antiquity seen during the Renaissance is reflected in the works of Michelangelo - amply represented in this collection.
This collection testifies to beauty, drama, imaginative force, and history of thought from as far back as 2500 BC and up until the year 1600. 4,000 years of sculpture under one roof. Of course, it would be impossible to establish a collection of this calibre with original sculptures of bronze and marble. With a collection of casts, however, it is possible to choose only the best of the best - and this is exactly what has happened here!
Ancient sculpture - present significance The imagery and styles of antiquity have influenced all subsequent European art and continues to play a major part, even though this may sometimes be difficult to see. Shapes and ideals shift and change through history - there have been revivals, and there have been breaks with tradition - but the significance and importance of history is ever prominent.

Parts of the Royal Cast Collection date back to the mid-18th century, where casts were used by art students in drawing classes at the newly established Academy of Fine Arts. During the period around the establishment of Statens Museum for Kunst in 1896, efforts to ensure the education and refinement of Danish citizens through classical art was the primary objective of the collection.
Today, the individual works of the collection are presented in close proximity to each other - in a manner which is somewhat reminiscent of a depot. It is certainly possible to detect a chronological history and to trace the artistic development and changes in style throughout history. But the main objective of the presentation is to provide an impression of the physical, historical contexts of the sculptures - in Greek temples, in Roman villas, in public squares, and in collections.

Keywords for the collection will be co-creation, experimentation, and critical dialogue. The vision is to make the collection into a public forum, including education, debate, art, commerce, and fun.

Creating year : 1895
Mould Number : 65
Cast Number : 2330
Bibliography : 100 Mesterværker, Statens Museum for Kunst, 1996, Red. Eva Friis Bau, J., Restaurering af en gipsafstøbning, Kunstmuseets Årsskrift 1991 København 1991, 16-22. Zahle, J., Opstillingen af Den kgl. Afstøbningssamling, Kunstmuseets Årsskrift 1991, København 1991, 5-15
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Kongelige Afstøbningssamling København
Vestindisk Pakhus. Toldbodgade 40
Danemark - Europe
Status : Museum

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Dir. hHnrik Holm