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Antikmuseet, Klassiska Institutionen, Lunds Universitet

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Category : Human Anatomy, Archaeology
Civilizations : Greece, Roman time
Description : Informations request for the classical plaster casts collection.

+ Housed in the Museum of Student Life at Lund University in Sweden, the Nose Academy is a collection of more than 100 plaster casts of noses belonging to distinguished Scandanavians. Included in the collection is a cast of Tyco Brahe's legendary silver nose as well as an "Unknown Nose," which according to one guidebook, "serves as a memorial to all those who didn"t qualify for nasal immortality.?
Creating year : 1920
Mould Number : 0
Cast Number : 185
Bibliography : S. Söderlind, in S. Söderlind (ed,), Gips. Tradition i konstens form, Nationalmusei Arsbok 45, Stockholm 1999, p.127.
Antikmuseet, Klassiska Institutionen, Lunds Universitet
Sölvegatan 2
S 223 62 LUND
Sweden - Europe
Status : University collection

Phone : +46 46-222 00 00