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Fairfield University Plaster Cast Collection

(Fairfield University Plaster Cast Collection)

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Category : Archaeology
Civilizations : Greece, Roman time, Middel Age, Renaissance
Description : A generous gift of 19 plaster casts from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2004 has given us a new and welcome opportunity to assemble a group of talented and motivated students to create a brochure, design a website, and prepare the casts for exhibition on campus. The casts in this gift are mostly representative of sculpture from the Parthenon, including examples from the frieze, metopes, and pedimental figures. Additional casts of well known sculptures from the periods preceding and following the Parthenon and High Classical period provide a visual continuity. Such a resource for students at Fairfield is truly exceptional and our goal is ensure that these casts are cleaned and restored for regular public viewing. We have also received two plaster casts from Yale University and one from a private donor. Altogether, 22 casts have been given to us, in addition to 37 casts from the Metropolitan Museum of Art which came to us on a long-term renewable loan basis starting in 1991.
Creating year : 1991
Mould Number : 0
Cast Number : 58
Fairfield University Plaster Cast Collection
1073 North Benson Road
United State of America - North america
Status : University collection

Phone : +1/ 203-254-4000
Website :

On the website, Ashleigh Gorst, art history major, presents Fairfield University's Plaster Cast Collection. Running time: 3 min., 20 sec.
Curator: Dr. Katherine Schwab