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The Wilcox museum. Kansas University.

( The Wilcox museum. Kansas University.)

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Category : Art, Archaeology
Civilizations : Greece, Roman time
Access : Mon-Fr.,, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm during school term.
Description : The Wilcox Classical Collection includes plaster casts and actual Greek and Roman antiquities. Professor A.M. Wilcox, head of the Greek and Latin departments at the University of Kansas and professor of Greek from 1865 to 1915, established the classical museum in 1886 for the enrichment of the students at KU. The collection at first consisted of a few artifacts acquired through travel. In 1888, the museum purchased six plaster casts of sculptures from the Parthenon: three metopes, two frieze slabs, and the reclining god from the east pediment. These were housed in the newly established department of Ancient Languages and Literatures on the second floor of Old Fraser Hall. The collection soon grew with the addition of casts of Roman emperors (including the empress Faustina), the life-size statue of "Germanicus," and artifacts sold by the Italian state. When Old Fraser was closed in 1965 for demolition and rebuilding, the Wilcox casts and antiquities were stored at various locations, on and off campus, and suffered neglect and damage. In 1982 many of the casts were taken out of storage and restored (by Ahmad-Raee and Dennis Duermeier) in preparation for their installation in the present facility (Lippicott Hall) in 1988. The main gallery is named for Mary Amelia Grant, Emerta associate professor of Classics and longtime curator and benefactress of the collection. Recent curators include Elizabeth C. Banks (to 2001) and Paul Rehak (1988, 2001-4).
Creating year : 1886
Cast Number : ca 50 ?
The Wilcox museum. Kansas University.
Lippincott Hall 103. 1410 Jayhawk Blvd.
United State of America - North america
Status : University museum

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The museum is not open during the summer or during University holidays (Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break)
John Younger, curator
+1/ 785-864-3153