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The Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America

(The Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America)

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Category : Archaeology
Civilizations : Greece, Roman time
Description : A significant portion of this seminal 19th-century collection from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is now a vital permanent resource of the Institute. The approximately 100 casts that today constitute the publicly-displayed holding are used as a tool of pedagogy and direct inspiration for students of architecture, painting, sculpture, drawing and their allied building arts. This Beaux-Arts educational model is thus enlivened for the 21st-century. They serve concurrently as a compelling and accessible record of the classical tradition throughout its record from its Greco-Roman origins to the present day. This collection?entitled The Historic Plaster Casts Center-- is conceived as an ongoing endeavor. Additional casts will be procured from other de-accessioning museum collections as well as from private donors as opportunity allows. New casts from the marketplace deemed central to the ICA&CA curriculum are purchased accordingly. Examples in the latter category are presently found in the Institute?s Grand Central Academy of Art, launched in 2006 as one part of the Institute?s instruction in the allied fine arts.
Creating year : 2004
Mould Number : 0
Cast Number : 125
The Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America
20 West 44th Street
NY 100136 NEW YORK
United State of America - North america
Status : Historical Coll.

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President : Paul Gunther