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Carnegie Museum of Art. Hall of architecture and sculpture

( Carnegie Museum of Art. Hall of architecture and sculpture)

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Category : Architecture
Civilizations : Greece, Roman time, Middel Age, Renaissance
Access : Tuesday through Saturday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday: noon to 5 p.m
Description : The Hall of Architecture, with its collection of over 140 plaster casts of architectural masterpieces from the past, opened in 1907. At that time, collections of casts were numerous in both Europe and the United States. The Carnegie Museum of Art's collection survives today as the largest architectural cast collection in the country, rivaled internationally only by collections in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and in the Musee National des Monuments Fran├žais, Paris. Pittsburgh's architectural cast collection is distinguished for having remained essentially intact in the grand skylit space designed especially for it, Architecture Hall, which was itself inspired by one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. Having persisted through changes of taste and decades of public exhibition, the Hall of Architecture offers an opportunity to appreciate a cultural phenomenon of international scope. More information about the Hall of Architecture

The Hall of Sculpture was originally designed to house the Carnegie Museum of Art's collection of reproduction Egyptian, Near Eastern, Greek, and Roman sculptures. When the Hall opened in 1907, a majority of these 69 plaster casts occupied the ground floor. The design of the Hall was inspired the Parthenon, the 5th-century b.c.e. Temple of Athena in Athens, Greece. Dedicated to the virgin goddess Athena, the protectress of Athens, the Parthenon (from the Greek word parthenos, meaning maiden or virgin) was built overlooking the city. The imperial scale of the Parthenon, the beauty of its decorative sculpture, and the visual harmony among its architectural elements account for its renown ever since it was built.
Creating year : 1907
Cast Number : ca 220
Carnegie Museum of Art. Hall of architecture and sculpture
4400 Forbes Avenue
United State of America - North america
Status : Collection

Phone : +1/412/622 1975 or 622.3131
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