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Gipsformerei Berlin. Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin.

(Plastercast Wokshop of the State Museums in Berlin)

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Category : Archaeology, Architecture
Civilizations : Prehistory (european), Egypt, Pre Asia, Prehellenic, Greece, Roman time, Middel Age, Renaissance, Modern time
Access : Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri : 09:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.;Wed : 09:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.;Sat, Sun : closed.
Guided tour every first Wednesday of the month at 10 a.m.Entrance free
Description : The Gipsformerei (Replica Workshop) was founded in 1819 by King Frederick William III. In 1830 it was integrated into the Royal Prussian Museums, now the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (National Museums in Berlin).
It was the workshop's task to document works which were not available in Berlin's museums. Replicas from domestic and external collections were made to create as comprehensive survey of the development of art as possible.
The forms and models, some of which are over 150 years old, often enable reproductions to be made of works which over the years have been eroded by environmental influences or suffered war damage.
The Replica Workshop was rehoused in 1891 in its own specially constructed building, and current home, close to Charlottenburg Palace.
Creating year : 1819
Restoration year : 1830
Modification year : 1891
Mould Number : 6500
Bibliography : Verzeichnis der in der Formerei der Königl.Museen Käuflichen Gipsabgüsse. Berlin 1914
Gipsformerei Staatliche Museen zu Berlin Preussicher Kulturbesitz. Katalog der Originalabgüsse : Heft 1/2 Ägypten, Freiplastik und Reliefs - Heft 3 Vorderasien - Heft 4/5 Griechenland und Rom, Freiplastik und Reliefs - Heft 6 Christliche Epochen (vorwiegend Italien) - Heft 7 Elfenbeine - Heft 8 Mittelarterliche Großplastik Deutschland u. Frankreich - Heft 10/11 Plastik 18./19. Jahrhundert.
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Gipsformerei Berlin. Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin.
Sophie-Charlotten-Straße 17/18
D 14059 BERLIN
Germany - Europe
Status : Workshop

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