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Anatomy Museum of the Otago Medical School

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Category : Human Anatomy
Civilizations : Greece, Roman time, Modern time
Description : The Medical School was moved to the freshly built blue stone buildings by the Leith stream in 1879, into rooms now occupied by the Geology Department. In 1881, Professor Scott obtained a grant of 20 pounds specifi cally for the Anatomy Museum. In 1892 a large number of models were presented to the Medical School by Dr Maunsell, a retired lecturer in Surgery. A large group of models in the Museum date from this period. These include the plaster torso and head models from the Leipzig fi rm of Steger as well as replicas of classical statues by D. Brucciani and Co. of London. The Anatomy Museum statues include Venus de Milo, whose original stands in the Louvre; Lorenzo de Medici by Michaelangelo; the Borghese Gladiator whose detailed venous and muscle markings suggest that dissection was practised in Greece as early as 100 BC; and a dissected human body that was possibly made from drawings done by Vesalius in his book De Humani Corporis Fabrica published in 1543. Several of the wax models of developing embryos may also have been obtained toward the end of the 19th century...and see Website.
Creating year : 1879
Restoration year : 1892
Cast Number : ?
Anatomy Museum of the Otago Medical School
Faculty of Medicine
PO Box 913
New Zealand - Oceania
Status : University collection

Phone : +64 3 479-7454
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