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The Giust Gallery of Caproni Museum Reproductions

(The Giust Gallery of Caproni Museum Reproductions)

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Category : Human Anatomy, Archaeology, Architecture
Civilizations : Greece, Roman time, Middel Age, Renaissance, Modern time
Description : Some of Caproni's original molds survived to the present day, and many of his catalogues can still be found in the great libraries of this country. His methods, too, have survived, as the Caproni tradition of a fine sense of artistry was carefully passed down to the hands of his successor. The long tradition of craftsmanship continues at the Giust Gallery. Today, the Giust Gallery integrates these old trade secrets with extensive knowledge of modern materials. Our craftsmen are artists in their own right and are carefully trained to hand cast and custom finish each piece to recreate the feeling of the originals themselves. These uniquely crafted reproductions will add a timeless grace and beauty to any room. Their modest prices bring them within reach of anyone who truly wishes to possess or to give to another one of these fine recreations of the world's masterpieces. The Giust Gallery has opened a modest gallery showcasing the best of its antique Caproni plaster cast collection. Please call for an appointment as we are also a working studio.
Mould Number : 751
The Giust Gallery of Caproni Museum Reproductions
105 Salem Street
MA 01801 WOBURN (Massachusetts)
United State of America - North america
Status : Workshop

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