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Plaster cast collection of the University of Melbourne

(Plaster cast collection of the University of Melbourne)

Category : Archaeology
Civilizations : Egypt, Pre Asia, Greece
Description : Middle Eastern Collection 92 Middle Eastern casts have been identified. Some are very large. The majority have inscriptions in various languages, many in cuneiform, and for that reason have been included in the Virtual Museum as texts. In some cases there is an indication of where the original is to be found. The casts have been on display in the Old Arts building for a number of years. A large number of cylinder seal copies were not photographed or included in the Virtual Museum databases.
Classics Collection Casts in the Classics Collection (excluding electrotype copies of coins) include: Bronze cast of Zeus (Poseidon?) displayed in the central courtyard of the Old Pathology building (a gift to the University from Greece on the occasion of the 1956 Olympic Games). Five plaques of six decorating three sides of two statue bases found in 1922 in the Themistoclean Wall, Athens. The copies have decorated the walls of the Classics Department for many years. Two bronze-like metal portraits, of Hadrian and Nero, dating from the Roman period and found in Britain in the early 20th century. The copies were purchased to decorate the 5th floor of the John Medley Building when the Department moved there (and still do). The Phaistos Disk. The Akropolis kore (by custom, in the professor of Classics' study). About 60 plaster casts of coins (not photographed).
Cast Number : ca 110
Plaster cast collection of the University of Melbourne
Faculty of Arts. The Centre for Classics & Archaeology
John Medley Building - West Tower 3rd Floor
Australia - Australia
Status : University collection

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