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Institute of Art and Design. Birmingham (BIAD)

(Institute of Art and Design. Birmingham)


Category :
Civilizations : Greece, Roman time, Renaissance
Description : The collection is made up of 22 plaster casts of famous sculptures. They are mainly examples of Ancient sculpture, in particular sculptures from the Parthenon in Athens in Greece. There are also copies of Renaissance pieces. The exact details of when and where these plaster casts were acquired are not known. They may have been donated to the Birmingham Society of Arts c.1820 or they may be later examples from the late-nineteenth or early twentieth century. A number of the casts are very recent copies made from other casts already in the collection.
Creating year : 1843
Mould Number : None
Cast Number : 22
Institute of Art and Design. Birmingham (BIAD)
Margaret St
Great Britain - Europe
Status : Academy (Fine Arts)

Phone : (0121) 331 5970
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Birmingham Institute of Art and Design is a faculty of University of Central England Birmingham.
Sian Everitt (Keeper of Archives)
(0121) 331 6987