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Gliptoteka. Hrvatska Akademija Znanosti i Umjetnosti

(Gliptoteka Hazu of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts)

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Category : Archaeology, Architecture, Artist's cast
Civilizations : Greece, Roman time, Middel Age, Renaissance, Modern time, Contemporary times
Access : mar-ven 11.00-19.00, sam-dim 10.00-14.00
Description : The Croatian Academy Glyptotheque is a unique museum in Croatia, and one of few of the same type in Europe. It was founded in 1937, based on the conception of Antun Bauer. Its specific task is to collect and exhibit major works of statuary art and to reproduce important historical monuments of Croatian art by means of plaster casts (see also : Due to the richness of its holdings and its activities, the Glyptotheque is an important educational institution which offers plenty of opportunities for research. The collections are arranged chronologically, ranging from the 5th century B.C. to contemporary sculpture. Among these, the Collection of Croatian Historical Monuments has a prominent place. The very concept of the Glyptotheque, its richness and diversity of holdings, require the museum to be in constant activity. This is manifested in numerous exhibitions organized by the Glyptotheque, and in cooperation with other museums in Croatia and abroad.
Creating year : 1937
Cast Number : 1300
Gliptoteka. Hrvatska Akademija Znanosti i Umjetnosti
Medvedgradska 2
10000 ZAGREB
Croatia - Europe
Status : Academy (Fine Arts)

Phone : +385/ 1 46-86-060
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Director: Ariana KRALJ