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Accademia di Mantova

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Category : Art
Civilizations : Greece, Roman time, Renaissance
Description : The City Museum include the deposit of the ancient collection of plaster casts of the Accademia Virgiliana

In 2004 after a careful inventory, all casts were taken from scholastic locations in order to reunite them in the Duke’s Palace and restore the city’s plaster cast collection. The collection, composed of 231 pieces, is currently conserved in storage at the Musei Civici. As with the logical value of the artistic heritage, a nucleus of works pertaining to the plaster cast collection was recently restored and is now displayed at the City Museum.
Creating year : 1769
Cast Number : 231
Bibliography : Maria Cecilia SILVESTRI. Il primo nucleo della collezione dei gessi dell'Academia dans Quaderni di Palazzo, 4, 1996, pp.94 - 97.
Accademia di Mantova
Largo 24 Maggio, 12
Museo delle città - Palazzo San Sebastiano
Italia - Europe
Status : Academy (Fine Arts)

Phone : 0376 320314 - 0376 367087 (museo)
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Orario: Lunedì pomeriggio: 13.00-18.00. Da martedì a domenica: 9.00-18.00. La biglietteria chiude alle 17.30. Lunedì di Pasqua: ore 9.00-18.00. Chiuso il 25 Dicembre.