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Andrea Felice Blog
The Plaster Casting Journal
I will try from now on to share my work experience and my best times (and worst if something goes wrong) spent in my studio. The ideas are so numerous that crowd in my head, the best thing is when I see them rise from the hands... My wish is to share the passion for sculpture and craftmanship and take you into the secrets and the moods of my old workshop as a journey through the time. {www}

La 3D ... versus le moulage
The Digital Sculpture Project
This website is devoted to studying ways in which 3D digital technologies can be applied to the capture, representation and interpretation of sculpture from all periods and cultures.

Mathematical models
Original webpage : Les « objets mathématiques » comme modèles mathématiques: introduction, historique et inventaire de Stefan Neuwirth, paru dans le catalogue de l’exposition Objets mathématiques (2014) au musée du Temps de Besançon. With a list of the institutions with collections of mathematical modela.

Moulding technique
Groupe de Recherche sur le Platre dans l'Art (G.R.P.A.)

Moulding techniques
Association pour la Connaissance et l'Evolution du Moulage (ACEM)
Siège : Manufacture Nationale de Porcelaine de Sèvres. 4 Grand Rue, F.92310 - SEVRES. (Tél.: +33/01/45 34 94 25 Fax + 33/01/ 45 34 39 76

Photo Gallery
Cast Gallery
Traditionally, cast galleries have served the purpose of providing greater access to those who otherwise would not be able to study original three dimensional works. For most artists across the world, access to casts is all that is practically possible. Drawings and paintings done directly from casts are welcome here. This collection of images is not meant to promote working from photographs- but to inspire us to seek out great sculpture that is out there for us to work from. All that being said, photos of plaster casts can also be beautiful in their own right. Photographers, your topical work is highly valued here.

University Museum
UMAC Database
International database of Universities Museums and Collection (including plaster cast collections) by the ICOM University and Museum Collection International Comittee

Wolfgang Schwan
Manufacturers Marks on Plaster Casts
The ongoing research project with manufacturer marks on plaster casts offers help to find out the most probable usage-time of manufacturer marks and on this way to identify the manufacturing-date of casts. The visitation of more than 40 collections led to about 140 different marks and many timelines of the identified workshops. To understand the research idea in brief see an example for the Berlin Gipsformerei.
More Information: Wolfgang Schwan, München Germany Mobile +49 1751487362 Fax +49 89 43766999
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