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2014 - 2015



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2014 - 2015

Gips konserviert
Archäologische sammlung der Universität Zürich.

5 December bis 25 Oktober 2015.
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Université de Genève - Nouvelle salle des moulages 3-21 novembre
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Workshops at the Royal Cast Collection Kobenhavn
(1)Annarosa Krøyer Holm, graduate from the Royal Danish Academy: Archive on Whiteness. From April 12 th.
A 2500 kg plaster cast of a tent is made directly on the floor.
The tent is a copy of a type of tent used by anthropologists on their journeys to study non-western primitives, and is thus related to the Archive on Whiteness, containing copies of texts and artworks on whiteness, understood as both a process of turning white, as well as a matter of race and colour.
The archive is placed in the Lounge / library.

(2)Vanja Mia Schwartz, artist and stonemason, and stonemason Martin Holm Hemmsen: The Socrates-project. From April 26th.
Vanja works freely in relation to a cast of Socrates, while Martin makes a copy, both of them working in marble from Carrara.
Their work in progress can be seen in the workshop.

(3) Anne Elisabeth Eckersberg, student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts: Transformers, from may 10th.
In focussion on different kinds of transformations, a new form is made and put on display in the collection, made out of the smashed, grained and burned plaster cast of the “Doryphoros”.
One video shows the destruction of the Doryphoros, another video dweels on seizures, cracs, holes, dirt and changes in plaster casts.
The cast of the lost-and-found “Pollac’s arm” to the Laocoon-group has been scanned and is now replaced by a 3D-copy in plastic.
The items in this exhibition are placed on different locations in the collection.

(4) Mathias Dyhr Nielsen, Student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts: Dog Days, from July 23rd.
In collaboration with the Danish Cultural Institute in Athens and The Acropolis Museum, Athens, the artist has provided us with a new copy of newly found fragment of a dog’s tail.
The artist has made a new copy of our (Archaic) dog . He repairs the missing parts, and paint it for the occasion. It is shown in a location adorned with a specially designed stucco reflecting the tongue and teeth of a dog inserted into a traditional, architectural setting. The instalation circles on the theme of the dog in present day Greece, as well as in astrology, archaeology, literature, and the arts.
The exhibition is placed on the second floor.