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The Mesoamerican Maudslay Casts

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Catégorie : Art, Archéologie
Civilisations : Non européen
Nombre de moulages : + de 400
The Mesoamerican Maudslay Casts
British Museum storage facilities
Blythe House, Hammersmith
Grande Bretagne - Europe
Statut : Coll.Historique

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Over 400 casts result from Maudslay's tremendous enterprise and they represent one of the great collections of objects relating to Mesoamerican (Maya) archaeology.
Maudslay states that he had several sets of casts made in the archaeological site of Yaxchilán (Maudslay named it Menche). One complete set was destined for the Victoria and Albert Museum. He also donated a set of casts to the Archaeological Museum at Cambridge University. Finally, duplicate casts "of the more important pieces" were sent to the Trocadero Museum in Paris (now the Musée de l'Homme) and the Museum of Natural History in New York City.

The Maudslay collection of casts is now housed in the British Museum storage facilities at Blythe House, Hammersmith Most of the casts are arranged on metal racks laid out in rows in a large room in the southeast corner of Blythe House, on the second floor of the building. Reports Submitted to Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc. (FAMSI) by Peter Mathews