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Vente de moulages de l'atelier du Louvre

1er décembre 2015
Une grande vente de moulages de l'atelier du Louvre en 2015 a montré que les moulages se portent bien sur le marché ! Voir les prix atteints lors de cette vente. Puisse cet événement faire prendre conscience de l'intérêt qu'il faut continuer à apporter à ces collections. Conseil adressé en particulier aux différentes autorités de tutelles dans tous les pays du monde ! (B.VdD)
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Sale of the heritage (since 1790)
Our Family organisation that works in the area of ornamental plaster objects with a significant asset base of a vast valuable historical works, documents etc and in existence since 1790 in Lisbon, Portugal.

These objects are:

Roughly 2000 productive moulds
About 800 matrices and original works
German and French architectural books from the beginning of the XVIII century
French Prints from the XVIII century
Photographs, prints, photos and various other artefacts from mid XIX until the end of the XX century
Designs, plans, studies, drawings, sketches, analysis and construction work material made from the beginning of the century XIX until the end of the XX century.
Tools and other specific artefacts of a plasterers workshop.
Me and my wife are now looking forward to retiring and are therefore contemplating the sale of all our complete heritage, or part of it, of these works of art. We are therefore looking for interested parties that may have interest in acquiring them. You can visit our website at to ascertain yourselves of our extensive heritage. In case of interest please do not hesitate to contact me on the following numbers or email.


Phone: +351 968 067 967
Skype: jpmourato
Email: Maceiro
J.P. Mourato (Managing partner)